Business debit cards for non-Iranian visitors and migrants

Replacement For Cash Payments

Unlike Gift Cards, MahCard is legally issued to the cardholder/account owner. That means that our cards have the card holder’s name printed on it and can be reissued in case it gets lost or stolen. Moreover, MahCard can be reloaded using different payment methods, such as card-to-card transfers or bank transfers.

Using as a loyalty card (Rewards Program)

MahCard can also be used in conjunction with any rewards programs that your organization might offer. It is also possible to set up your own loyalty/rewards program via MahCard and offer your cardholders with discounts and other benefits when using MahCard at participating retailers.

Remittance solutions for non-Iranian employees

MahCard is a perfect remittance solution for organizations working with foreign employees or guests who are staying in Iran on a temporary basis. Although this group of residents cannot open a bank account in Iran, they can still use benefits of MahCard to receive and manage their money online.

Gift Card Solutions

Although MahCard has much more features comparing to gift cards, it can also be used as a rechargeable gift card. The main benefit of using MahCard as a gift card is that you can centrally manage all your issued cards from one platform.
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