You only pay a one-time €19* service fee and that's it! **
There won't be any charges for using your card.

Please see table below for better clarification:

Fees and Charges

Card Transactions FREE
Paying by Bank Transfer FREE
ATM Withdrawal FREE
Purchases Through POS Machines FREE
Purchases Through Web FREE

You get the best available rate on the market

Our exchange rates are the same as, or better than, the rates offered by leading currency authorities in Iran.

See for yourself

Exchange rates offered by Iranian Banks:

Exchange rates offered by independent currency authorities:


We lock the exchange rate for you

When you deposit money to your MahCard, we lock the exchange rate for you so that you won't be affected by currency fluctuation when changing Iranian Rials (IRR) to your home currency at the time you are leaving Iran.

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** The €19  fee includes card issuance, delivery, currency exchange fees, and round-the-clock customer support.

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