Bardia Fakhravari

March 24, 2020

How to Transfer Money in Iran

Financial transactions for tourists have never been easier. You might be thinking about possible ways to handle money during your travel to Iran. Or, maybe your […]
February 25, 2020

What the Iranian Rial Drop Means for Your Holiday?

Believe it or not, you can book a motel room in Iran with only 6 US dollars per night. Plus, fancy hotels cost you something around […]
February 18, 2020

From the US to Iran: It is All about that Visa

The borderless global village in which we live has not wiped out the physical borders. A travel ticket you booked online is not always an open […]
December 29, 2019

Why You Should Not Google Exchange rate in Iran

When it comes to Iran, Google might not be right about everything; especially Iran currency. Below you can see why you should absolutely avoid trusting google […]
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