Iranian Debit Card
For International Travellers

Iranian Debit Card
For International Travellers

The clever alternative for cash

Mah Card is an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for tourists and temporary visitors. You can instantly add funds to your card, in your preferred currency and convert it to Iranian Rial (IRR).

You get the real exchange rate.

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No Transaction Fees

When using MahCard in Iran, you won't be paying any fees! We simply charge you a one-time €19 card issuance fee and there won't be any further charges whatsoever.

Accepted everywhere in Iran

Use your MahCard everywhere Shetab Cards* are accepted — at hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment venues, ATMs and more.

Designed for International Travellers

MahCard gives you the option to easily transfer your money from your overseas bank account to your MahCard and transfers what's left on your card back to your overseas bank account when you're leaving Iran. We provide top-tier 24x7 customer support services and will take care of any issues you might have with your card.

Best exchange rate guaranteed

We buy your money, via our partner bank, at the best rate available on the market. You can check the daily rates on any of the following exchange websites:

How does it work ?!

  1. Signup and order your Mah Card using our online platform.

  2. We will meet you at your local hotel, issue your card, exchange your curency and deposit it into your new Mah Card.

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What our customers say

  • Very helpful and supportive service. Recommendable to all of those who have concerns about carrying cash - or keeping the budget - in Iran, especially if they travel for a long-term or they are eager to buy souvenirs. It is easy to keep the budget using this service, as you can simply withdraw your daily budget every day and see how much surplus you still have. the rate is fair and legitimate, so to say. you don't have to be bothered by the transaction fee.
  • Works perfectly! Used it everywhere, even in small traditional teahouses. And they dont charge any transactions :) mostly i just got to the ATM in the morning and that was my daily budget. Hard to find an ATM? No way! Haha. They are everywhere in Iran.
  • Alen Mujkanović
    Travelled with three friends and all of us got our own Mah Card since international cards aren't accepted and we felt uncomfortable carrying large amounts of cash around. It was absolutely uncomplicated, fast, safe and easy to get everything done. The card is accepted everywhere in Iran and many locals are amused to see even tourists using their own Shetab cards. Just make sure to withdraw the remaining balance on time (Thursday and Friday are weekend days and many places are closed)! Can only recommend!
    Alen Mujkanović
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